Thursday, 1 December 2016

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day 1

Christmas is fast approaching and so that means advent calendars. Every year I've talked myself out of a beauty calendar just because of the sheer price of them but this year Marks and Spencer's had a fabulous offer I couldn't resist. If you spend £35 on clothing, home or beauty you could get one for only £35. Much cheaper than most of the high street.  I thought this was also a good way to start Christmas shopping so put the £35 spend towards that, two birds with one stone hey?

I know you can still get hold of the calendars in store so be quick and we can open them together....

Each day I'm going to do a mini post on what's behind each door (or in each box in this case) including first impressions, where you could buy the item and how I rate it. Like a little mini beauty post each day so here goes.

Each item is in individual numbered boxes which is such a cute idea and would also be quite a good idea to use the following year, you could fill it up and gift it to someone else.

Day one.

Okay I was super excited to kick of December I was like a child on Christmas morning when opening box number one.

The first item is a Bee lovely hand cream. Thank you M&S this is exactly what I need in this nasty weather. 

The first thing I noticed about this product is the bright yellow packaging. Very different from most hand creams and will definitely make it easier to spot in your handbag.

It's a full size product of 50ml so you really get a bargain as this is £10 alone!

It's organic honey blended with orange essential oil so it smells sweet with a citrus scent. It actually smells delicious.

It's really thick but absorbs well. I much prefer a thicker hand cream as my hands tend to crack in the change of weather so I like to drench them with a thick cream and this definitely fits the bill.

Would I buy this again? ABSOLUTELY!

The first box down and I'm super impressed a gorgeous product and helping to save the bees yay!

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