Saturday 5 November 2016

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I'm a massive fan of healthy eating and working out. I find a clean healthy body and a good workout can really make you feel on top of the world.

Diet is really important to me as that's what fuels the body. I love making sure my body is full of all the right nutrition to help keep me going throughout the day.

I recently came across Cute Nutrition on Instagram. I'm not going to lie I thought this may have been another fad but after seeing the gorgeous Sarah Ashcroft promoting them I knew they must have something about they as hey we all trust Sarah right?

After doing a little more research the next thing that stood out to me was their packaging. I find protein powders can be very manly and not very pleasing to the female audience shall we say. Everything was pink, girly and dare I say cute!

I thought to try it out for the first time I'd try their cocktail collection. I picked up their new flavour Pina Colada. It's safe to say I'm over the moon.

This is part of their sculpt and tone range so ideal for using alongside your toning moves in the gym. At only 118 calories per serving this is the perfect after gym pick me up (it can't just be me who sees those vending machines on the way out of the gym - ever so tempting!)

I mix 3 scoops with 250ml of almond milk. You can mix with water but I find the almond milk gives it such a smooth taste it's actually quite addictive.

I also bought their limited edition black shaker. I absolutely love this I thought by looking at the photo it looked quite small but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised that it was full size. I think the fact that it has pink writing on the front to match their protein packaging really does add that little extra. You can really tell they pay close attention to every detail.

The only downside? The jars are too small I could go through this stuff super fast it really does taste that good!

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