Sunday, 13 November 2016

Fashion | Ivy Park

As like many girls I'm a massive Beyonce fan. She is the ultimate queen bee so anything she does or puts her name to is definitely good enough for me.

I've always found it quite difficult to remain motivated when going to the gym. I'm sure as many others also feel like this. I have to force myself knowing I need to go. The best motivation for me is to look good, as I'm sure all us little glamour bunnies know we like to good whether its the gym, London Fashion Week or popping to Asda (of course they are all the same level of importance)

To look good in the gym means good clothes. Clothes that flatter, that feel good and hide any of the lumps and bumps (cheap lycra is no ones friend) With no make up on and my hair tied up in a wonky pineapple, clothes really do have to take the centre stage.

I loved the first drop of the Ivy Park range but the second really knocked it out of the park for me. There was lots of black, white and silver HOORAY. My colour palette all in one simple range.

The quality is amazing thick fabric so no VPL whilst doing those squats girls! But not too thick it's uncomfortable to move in.

The first item I picked up was the slogan body suit. Now admittedly I didn't buy this for the gym I bought it to wear with skinny jeans as I'm obsessed with body suits and jeans at the moment. I must say the sizing isn't quite as I'd of expected as I wanted it to be a little tighter but the smaller size was too short in the body but all in all I can live with that and still looks amazing on. I love the black with the silver slogan on the front.

The next piece I got was the cropped top. This is super snug so ideal as a sports bra. The material is so breathable and I love the branded band around the bottom. This gives you loads of support whilst at the gym but still looks glam. I always love race back as I feel they offer more support and feel like my skin can breathe when working out.

I also picked up the logo leggings. Now I seen these had loads of bad reviews but I thought I'd give them a go anyway. I can see why people were writing what they were but I don't think people had read these are classed as leggings not gym bottoms so they are slightly thinner (don't worry though you can't see anything through them so I'm happy) They are super soft and match perfectly with the crop top.

I then also picked up the sliders as I love letting my feet breathe after being in trainers so these are perfect going to and from the gym. I also can't wait to wear these on holiday. I've never owned sliders before and I can now see what all the fuss is about as they are soon comfy!

The pieces I have picked have been worn in the gym and just on days I'm running errands I love them that much.

I bought my pieces from Topshop.

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