Saturday, 12 November 2016

Fashion | Claireabella Bag

I've had my eye on a Claireabella bag for a very long time. I love seeing all the girls on holiday with them and how different every single one is.

I'm a massive fan of everything that can be personalised. I love to feel like my item was made just for me. And guess what a Claireabella is just that.

I decided to take the plunge and not only ordered one but two. Hey if you like something order multiples has always been my motto in life anyway so why break tradition.

I ordered the large size as I like bigger bags. I also thought this made more sense for beach bags or gym bags as I could fit more things inside.

You pick your character including body shape, skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. They've also added loads more body shapes and accessories making the perfect little Claireabella for everyone!

I went with the classy little black dress design and the black all in one costume. I thought with these two looks this literally sums me up in a nutshell as well as making sure I have a bag for every occasion.

Each one can be printed with your name. I put my name on one and my nickname on the other. I wanted slight differences so I could mix up my look.

The bags themselves are amazing quality the fabric is so thick and durable I can really see them lasting the test of time. Their handles are very sturdy and can take quite a bit of weight. The artwork on them is unreal. The attention to detail with the little crystals and bow design on the handles. The whole bag sparkles with glitter so I'm instantly in love!

They take around 2-3 weeks to be delivered as they are all obviously made to order but I can honestly say they are well worth the wait.

The large bags are £39.99 but I know I'm going to get lots of use out of these and the amount of attention I get when I take them out. Everyone loves them!

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