Sunday 16 October 2016

Lifestyle | It's important to take time out

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front so I feel I should let you all know why. 

As some of you may know blogging is hobby of mine and I also have two other jobs. One being in Social Media and one in Fashion so these are both demanding and take up a lot of my time. When these jobs get very demanding blogging has to take a bit of a side line.

I also think it’s really important to take time out plan and refresh where you are heading in blogging as sometimes blogs can become a little bit blurred and all the same and that’s the last thing I’d want for my blog.

I’ve taking a lot of time out to storm some new ideas and to actually have a rest. Something I think we should all do from time to time (especially on the run up to dare I say it Christmas). I also have days where I just want to spend a little time on my own and pamper myself.

When I’m feeling a little bit stressed or snowed under I try to remove myself for half an hour and either take a cup of tea with my favourite magazine or a super bubbly bath with my favourite lush bath bomb.I throw on my favourite pjs and get a good nights sleep and afterwards I feel very relaxed.

My favourite pjs to throw on definitely have to be Victoria Secret’s stripe pjs. They are so soft and comfy to wear they are like wearing silk but without the static that silk can give.

My favourite bubble bar is back in stock and this definitely cheers me up on those down days where i feel I need to have a little me time. It’s the Magic Wand from lush. It’s a very sweet candy smelling bubble bar in the shape of a star perfect for those princesses inside us all! A little wave of this magic wand is perfect for those girly nights.

But don’t worry I’m back with lots of blog ideas on the cards so make sure you subscribe!

For me a lazy morning in bed on a Sunday with a blanket and a cup of tea makes all the difference to my mood!

How do you all relax and take time out?

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  1. Well done you for juggling all the jobs!