Sunday 23 October 2016

Beauty | My Favourite Fake Tan

I'm a massive fake tan fanatic. I'm all about a healthy glow without the dangers of the sun. Now I enjoy the sun as much as the next person but over the last few years I've learnt of the damage the sun can do to our skins (plus who wants to age earlier than they have to anyway?) So now I'm all about that healthy glow!

Finding a good fake tan is a very difficult task and I've always found it difficult UNTIL.....Coco Brown by Marissa Carter. This is fast becoming a bloggers favourite and I can really see why. This is the perfect tan to keep that summer tan throughout the year.

I've been using the 1 hour tan and it's safe to say I'm in love. Now don't get me wrong this tan does develop a light golden colour within an hour but I like to develop mine over night for a darker colour. So if you're after a quick boost of colour then this is your dream tan. 

It's a mousse that comes out with a slight tint so it's easy to make sure you never miss a spot and avoid streaks. The best part for me is there is no biscuit smell. Yes you read that right no biscuit smell - there is a fake tan god after all!

This is such an enjoyable tan to apply as it dries so quickly so no sticky transfer onto your clothes. IT also fades evenly and doesn't leave that tell tale snake effect in the creases of your arms (if you're as fake tan mad as me you'll totally get what I mean)

Of course it's not tested on animals so it's perfect from all aspects YAY!

What makes it even better is it's now stocked in Primark so very easy to get your hands on girlies! The mousse was £6 from Primark but you can also shop the full range in Superdrug.

I'm absolutely in love with tan and I think you'll all love it just as much!

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