Saturday 20 August 2016

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I'm It's that time of year where everyone starts preparing to go back to uni, college or school. It's always the best time to get organised again and to buy cute stationary (any excuse!)

I've put together a little post to help guide you through some points that always helped me.


September means everyone has new pencil cases and brand new notepads that we all promise to ourselves we will make sure we use our best handwriting (until it gets to second week - don't lie we've all done it) I' a massive fan of stationary and in a very geeky way could spend all day shopping for it. If you don't have time or patience here are some cute little finds you may find useful.

I couldn't resist the coral and gold glitter theme that Sainsburys had going on this year. I'm always looking for a pencil case which is slim enough to fit into a bag but also looks adorable when you pull it out onto a desk. I found this gold glitter one which has plastic coating - no glitter problems here! It's very slim line so would only fit a couple of pens in but ideal to make sure your pens never get lost in that black hole of a bag. The pencil case was only £4.

At only £5 I also picked up the matching notepad, again with a plastic coating so no glitter parties whenever you try to use it. This is a lined pad and perfect for on the go notes.

I then picked up the I am really busy exercise book which is great for throwing in your bag as it's not very bulky. Again this is lined and perfect for if you have to carry a lot of books already so don't want to weight your bag down. It was an absolute bargain at £1.50

I also got the bigger note pad in the coral to match which has dream big on the front. I quote I find helps me through most days. You should always dream big and follow those dreams! This is a4 and has much more paper so if you need to make a lot of notes or hand write draft essays this would be perfect. This one was also £5.


It's important to get the right homeware to make you feel comfortable. Especially if it's your first year of living away. It can seem like such a great idea until that first week of being alone in a strange environment without your family for the first time. The first thing I always take into a new home is a candle or a fragrance which I'm familiar with. My favourite smell helps me to feel at home even if it is a new place. My all time go to homely smell is Yankee Candles black cherry. That was the first thing I moved into my first apartment and it really helped me to settle in quickly. I'm in love with the reed diffusers at the moment as it means you can have that signature Yankee smell without the worry of leaving a candle burning all day. There is nothing nicer than coming home from a long day and opening the door to a beautiful smelling home.

For only £10.99 these reed diffusers are also cheaper than the candles so ideal if you are on a budget.

Bedding is equally as important and should be one of the things first on your list. I always go for simple white bedding as I find it offers a clean, minimal look. Primark offers some amazing bedding and at amazingly low prices as well. These pillow cases were only £1.80 for 2.

Create a relaxing environment which can be your little hideaway. Mine is my dressing room. It's a room which is my zone, I can hide away from the world and feel safe. Fairy lights and candles offer the perfect additions to make it so much more cosy and relaxing. The perfect environment for escaping the outside world and chilling out. Fairy lights as pictured with the reed diffuser are from Primark and were only £2.50.

A fluffy rug to offer a little bit of cosiness to a boring room is the perfect way to spruce up a room with very little expense. I find they also look amazing thrown over the edge of the bed as a throw. I also like to mix it up a bit and drape it over my chair as it makes it all cosy to sit on and also adds that little something extra to a desk or dressing table chair.


The best advice I can offer anyone in eduction if it's starting, finishing or half way through it's keep going. Trust me it will all be worth it in the end. Stay motivated, organised and passionate and you will reach your goals. Hard work always pays off and education is one thing we shouldn't take for granted we are very lucky to have it!

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