Sunday 11 September 2016

Fashion | Primark Haul | August

Primark hauls have definitely become an addiction. I'm not complaining though as they are definitely my favourite posts to read and also to write. I know you're all probably thinking where was July's haul, in fact I did pop in but didn't find anything that screamed at me so waited until August to pick up some extra bits!

This haul is mainly accessory based so if you love your added extras this is what this post is all about.

The first item is this amazing Missoni print swimsuit. I've always been a bikini kind of girl but this year I've definitely become more obsessed with swimsuits. This has gone straight to my favourite. The shape is so flattering and fits so well. Something I always find a little hard to get right with Primark swimwear. I have to admit they nailed this one. I've seen this print around everywhere so I was made up seeing it for a fraction of the price. At only £13 I though this was an absolute steal and will definitely look forward to wearing this.

Whilst I was in the swimwear section I somehow wandered into the Lingerie section (it doesn't take much persuasion) Now normally I am a little bit of a snob when it comes to Lingerie. I'm definitely one of Victoria's Secret's biggest spenders. That is my little place of heaven. But having said that I have been equally impressed by Primark's selections recently. I went off them a long time ago as I found they stopped washing so well and faded really quickly. I can honestly say this hasn't been the case in the last few months and I've fallen in love again. The first set I picked up was this gorgeous yellow colour. I couldn't believe the colour and of course definitely feels more summery. This set includes the bra and knickers for £4 how amazing is that! You definitely can't complain for that price.

Of course it wouldn't be trip to Primark without picking up some nightwear. I live for their shorts as they are so comfy and literally the only thing I want to sleep in during the summer. They aways have new colours and designs whenever I visit. This time I picked up a pair of white and pink check ones. They are adorably girly. They are so soft and another bargain at only £2.50.

I also picked up some cute little shoe liners which of course were unicorn themed. Anyone else as obsessed with unicorns as me? These were only £2 for 3 so how could I not?

I then went over to the beauty department and picked up a pack of 2 beauty sponges. I'm not going to lie I didn't have the highest expectations for these considering they were only £1.50 for the two. I must admit they aren't as soft as the original beauty blenders and are a little harder. If you do dampen them enough though they do the job and I will definitely buy them again as they are great to throw away after a few months and you don't feel as guilty.

I picked up a pair of shoes which was a pair I have had my eyes on for a little while now. They are a khaki pair of lace up block heels. Definitely a bloggers dream! They nail every single trend in one shoe. They literally go with everything in my wardrobe. They are the perfect heel to wear during the day but also take you through to the evening as well. I must admit they are a very narrow fitting shoe I do only have narrow feet and they are quite tight on me so bare that in mind if thinking of picking them up.

I also picked up a power bank for my phone which was £6. I'd had one of these before from eBay but it didn't work that well so I seen them in Primark and thought I'd pick one up. This can charge anything from sat navs to cameras so is perfect from every piece of technology you own. It charges up super fast and does give my iPhone a battery of 100% perfect for when you're out and about. This is definitely the item I'll never leave the house without now it's officially a life saver!

I also picked up some hair accessories. I am always on the look out for items which help my hair and find that bobbles can be quite damaging. Plus they always go missing or is that just me? I picked up two different types which 'I've heard quite a lot about. I picked up some of the tie bands. These also double up as amazing bracelet. I decided on the black styles as I have such dark hair I thought these would be best. They are basically a lot softer on the hair and don't break the hair when used as they are a piece of stretchy material instead of a band. These were £2 for 5. I then also picked up some of the coil bobbles. These are to avoid kinks in the hair and I have to say they do avoid that. I would say though these are best for more relaxed hair styles as they don't hold your hair tight, so if you're looking for a bobble to keep that pony tail in during a heavy gym session this probably isn't the best. These were £2.50 for 5.

I also picked up a new key ring. I'm obsessed with pom pom so I've been loving the faux fur pom pom key rings that literally every one seems to have now. Primark have obviously joined in and do some amazing colours. I picked up the grey and it really does help when you have a handbag that could carry around a small child in and you can never find your keys. It's stylish and very useful what more could we want?

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