Tuesday 26 July 2016

Beauty | How I Look After My Hair

I wear micro bond weft extensions so hair care to me is very important. Hair extensions can damage your hair so it's really important to make sure your hair is strong and in good condition. With this being said it's also really important to look after the extensions to make sure you get the longest possible time out of them.

I have a pretty simple routine but it's one thats really effective. It's all about the products you use and it may have taken me a long to find the ones that work for me but when I say they work, they really do!

I use L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil shampoo and conditioner. These are enriched with flower oils. We all know oils are amazing for your skin and also your hair so I gave these a go. They are designed for dry, dull and rough hair which can often be how extensions can become if not looked after. Even after the first use I noticed a massive difference and my hair felt smoother, healthier and much softer to touch.

I always finish off the washing process by adding in an oil onto towel dried hair. I use a large blob on the ends of my hair. I've been loving this Inecto coconut divine shine oil. I find this helps to add smooth frizz and add that extra shine. I would say to use sparingly if you have shorter hair as using an oil can make your hair look greasy.

I think after washing this is the most important part of hair care. It's what you do daily that has the biggest impact on your hair. I don't use a lot of heat on my hair. Most of the time I dry my hair on a cool setting. I don't really use any heat when styling but when I do I think it's really important to use a heat defence spray. I find these hard to find one that doesn't become sticky, make the hair greasy or weigh it down. I found this one from Boots. Their Style Works heat protect spray and I have to say it's amazing. It's light on the hair and even offers a UV filter so great to spritz over your hair daily to avoid sun damage. It also smells delicious. It reminds me of watermelon and doesn't feel sticky at all.

I always use a flat brush as I find this helps to smooth my hair and leaves it looking straight. I use this to style with the hair dryer and so helps me to avoid straightening every day.

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What are your miracle hair care tips?


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