Tuesday 21 June 2016

Fashion | Primark Haul | June

These hauls come round so fast but here we go again back with my monthly Primark Haul. These are definitely my favourite posts as it means I get to go on a massive shopping spree.

So after last month I know I featured a lot of essentials. This month I wanted to try and pick up a lot more fashion and season based pieces. The day I went shopping to pick all of these pieces up we were experiencing what I'm calling summer for us in the UK. The sun was shining it was very warm. I say was it has somehow disappeared and we are back the doom and gloom of the grey skies. I can't complain too much as it is still really warm.

So with the sun shining and my gym routine now becoming more of a routine rather than here and there I wanted to get some more tops to wear for the gym. I've mentioned it before and will say it again. In my eyes if you feel good in the clothes you wear to the gym this will be half the battle of actually getting there. So of course I picked up some new tops. The first thing I picked up was a little coral sports crop top. These are great as I find if I'm running I find these so supportive either on their own or with another top over the top. I then also picked up the matching loose fitting vest so I can mix these up combining them both together or worn individually. The crop top was £3.50 and the vest was £4 so absolutely bargains.

The next item is by far one of my favourites. This stripe dress with navy, pale blue, white and orange. This looks so much more expensive than it was and I get so many compliments wearing it. This has been my go to dress in the warmer weather and think it looks so classy and high end. This was only £10 and can see this selling so fast so be quick to get hold of one.

Whenever I visit Primark I always try and pick up at least one work item. I think it's really important to look well presented at work, so to me always updated my work wardrobe helps me keep on top of this. I picked this shirt top up as I love the look of these tops. They are smart yet so easy to throw on. I own a couple of long sleeve ones so I thought a sleeveless one would be perfect throughout summer. This was £8 so proves work clothes never have to break the bank.

I know a lot of you have probably seen this jacket before as most bloggers I know have purchased this one but I think it's adorable. It's so easy to wear and great for throwing on when the weather gets a little cooler. The jacket is a thin material but is so soft so feels way more expensive than the £13 that Primark are selling it for.

Here I have teamed it up with another of my purchases which is a blush tone came. These are only £4 and are an absolute steal they look amazing with leather leggings or jeans and are so easy to wear. They come in a wide range of colours and I'll definitely be going back for more.

I then went onto the homeware as I'm currently updating my dressing room/ office so wanted to make it a little bit more me. I've not decorated this room in a long time so I wanted to add some colour into (we all love a good white room but it was definitely lacking the finishing touches!) As you all know by now I'm a massive rose gold fan and again following on from the last Primark trip I picked up some more rose gold hangers (I've decided to be practical and actually use them, not just for photo opportunities) These are £3 for 5 so I picked up another 3 packs. I also seen the most adorable rose gold cushion which I thought would be perfect on my chair at my dressing table which was again only £3 so I had to grab that. I then seen a matching candle for only £3 which smells insane it's clementine and peony and smells beautiful sitting on my dressing table.

I then picked up two drinks holders. A cool one for smoothies and ice drinks and a hot flask for my tea. Again these are very girly and of course elements of rose gold (see a theme here?) they were both £3.50 each so it had to be done!

Last but not least I picked up a pair of shoes as looking through my shoe collection I don't actually have many summer shoes so this is definitely something I need to change over the next couple of weeks. I picked these gorgeous flower shoes up that are so girly. I chose the cream colour as I thought they would go with everything and definitely go nicely with the stripe dress I picked up. These were only £6 and fit so nicely I'll definitely be trying to get another pair when I next visit.

So there you have it June Primark buys in a nut shell I hope you've liked that this time I've tried everything on so you can see what it looks like on. Let me know what you've picked up recently.

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