Saturday 25 June 2016

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I'm always on the look out for new beauty finds and so far I've been yet to find a good foundation that agrees fully with my skin. As some of you may know I have troublesome skin, I suffer with breakouts and find it can become very dry. 

I was reading a lot of reviews and blogs (make sure you comment with your blogs below I love reading them!) and seen one foundation which kept cropping up. It was the Bourjois healthy mix. The foundation promotes hydrated and luminous skin which we all know is the skin we all want! I can say I've completely fallen in love. The foundation is creamy and doesn't sit on the top of the skin looking cakey. It's not too thick with it being a medium coverage but is definitely buildable. The colours are great as well they are more of a warm tone so they help get that glow of a summer tan without the damage to your skin.

I've found the foundation to be great for my skin. I've found my dry patches are less dry and my skin never feels tight anymore whilst wearing foundation. It's helped to minimise new breakout which has been an absolute life saver.

The foundation lasts all day without having to touch up but I do find I have to set it with a powder as it can be a little too luminating and so can look shiny, but with a powder this stops the shine.

Now onto the glow. We all love to look like we've just stepped off the moon and are glowing as far as the eye can see so it goes without saying I'm always trying new highlighters. Now this is a little strange one as this is sold as an eyeshadow. But oh my if you love highlighters this will be your new little pot of joy.

It's sold in two tones one with more of a gold shimmer and the other with a pink undertone. I picked the pink as I like to use my highlighter as an alternative to blusher so having a slight pink tone means I'm using one product instead of two. The light reflects beautifully off your skin and really does look glowing. This is more of a shimmery shade so not that great if you're not into glitter but I've been obsessed with it.

Bourjois is a brand I'v never really tried before but I'm in love with their products and will definitely going back to try more from the healthy mix range and of course stock up on the highlighter of the year!

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