Tuesday 10 May 2016

Fashion | Primark Essentials Haul | May

So is there anyone else like me who lacks just basic staples in their wardrobes?

The past few months I've noticed I struggle to piece together simple plain casual outfits I can throw on without thinking too much about.

I have lots of clothes (too many in fact) yet nothing I actually want to wear (girl problems!) So I decided it's time to do something about it.

I decided I was going to start doing monthly Primark hauls. These are often my favourite blogs to read as I do love Primark. You can get so much for so little. As well as making good content I thought this would also help to transform my wardrobe into a much more wearable collection.

Admittedly I didn't get too much on my first visit and I did pick up slightly more distracting items but then again don't we all.So every month you'll get to see how my wardrobe has transformed starting with this month being the items I class as essentials.

So the first area I invaded was of course the beauty section. I picked up some of their short patterned design nails. I got these in the white with a gold stripe detail. I didn't think that much of them when I put them in my basket but I'm all for giving something a try. How wrong I was. These are literally my new game changer! At only £1 these are an absolute steal and they stayed on for nearly 2 weeks!

I also picked up another of their lip crayons. I fell in love with the last one in the more pink shade so I picked up the nude version and this looks amazing under the Kylie Jenner lipgloss. It's now my go to nude lip.

The next item is a handbag must have. It's their hand gel. I know you can buy these everywhere but Primark literally do the nicest smells. I picked up their peach delight smell as it smells so tropical and refreshing. These are so cute as they are small enough to put inside any handbag and help to keep your hands fresh on the go.

I also picked up their Jungle Book cosmetic bag. I'm a massive Jungle Book fan and not afraid to admit it. I thought with the coral background it made it look so summery and perfect for packing for my holiday.

Another boring yet must have item was their cotton pads. I know it sounds crazy but they are amazing. They don't separate as you use them so you don't end up with straggly bits of cotton pad left all over your face.

So next was the home section. First item to go in the basket was a blogger must have. The rose gold metal hangers. I only picked up one pack as I thought they would make great props (blogger issues) but I'm now contemplating getting more to actually use them as they are so strong I was really impressed with the sturdiness of them. 

Again another essential I picked up was their face clothes. I always buy a pack of these every few months as I think you can never have enough face clothes. I always get them in black as I find then you can't see make up stains on them!

I then decided it was actually time to crack on with the clothing section. So I decided I wanted to focus on t-shirts and shirts as I wanted some new weekend tops I could just throw on and not have to think about.

First I picked up two of their basic t-shirts. I got these in white and pale pink. I think these look great oversized over a pair of jeans or dressed up with a pair of leather trousers. These are quite thin just to warn you, I tend to wear mine over a vest top!

The next was a bare necessities top. Again I'm not afraid to admit my love for Mowgli and Baloo! This is literally the softest top I've ever felt in my life! This has become my new Sunday outfit paired with jeans and my converse.

The next was a cropped jumper style vest top. Such a bizarre combination but looks amazing! The material is thick like a jumper so is still warm even though it is cropped and with thin straps. I've been wearing this with high waisted black skinny jeans and with my high waisted leather trousers. I picked up the cream as I love a monochrome look but I'll definitely be picking up another colour if they still have them. 

I also then spotted the vest tops they do in the thicker ribbed material. I get quite cold easily so whenever I can pick up a thicker material this is ideal. I picked this up in black but again I can't wait to go back to get more. The tie up detail on the front also adds a bit more to a plain vest top and is so on trend they are everywhere!

Then I moved onto the shirts and fell in love with this pin striped blue shirt. This has become my new favourite top I wear this with white skinny jeans and my white converse and it's so casual but looks so classy and looks like you've thought your outfit through.

I also couldn't visit Primark with a quick look in their pj section. I picked up their snake skin shorts and these were only £2.50 they are so soft and so comfy I literally never take them off.

The last thing I picked up was the fluffy socks. I'm finding I'm suffering with cold feet a lot as I'm going to bed so I thought I'd give these a go. These are so cosy and fluffy they definitely warm my cold tootsies up!

Please keep following and I'll make this a regular feature on my blog everyone loves a Primark haul don't they?

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  1. Love the nails!
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