Monday 2 May 2016

Beauty | Kylie Jenner Lipgloss Review

I always pride myself on honest reviews so this is why this one has taken a week to fully review. 

Kylie recently launched the glosses to her collection in 3 different shades, like, literally and so cute.

They all retail for $15 each so they are much cheaper than the matte collections.

I received the lipgloss a week ago after having to pay and extra £13 customs tax it's safe to say I had even higher hopes of loving this gloss.

The packaging is beautiful on all of Kylie's products. They are sleek modern and easy to spot a mile away! The only downfall is that the gloss doesn't have a suction end on the tube to avoid you using too much product. And then there is the issue with the brushes but this is something Kylie has already recognised and changed so we won't dwell on that.

I bought the gloss in so cute which is the lightest shade they did. I got this one as I prefer pinky nudes rather than the brown shades. 

The gloss itself is sticky (I suppose this is to be expected) but I do find after an hour or so once it has settled into your lips the stickiness goes away. The staying power of this gloss is around 4 hours.

I wasn't so sure on the colour as it is very pale but I found layering over the nude primark matte lip crayon really helped and in fact this is now my daily nude lip. 

Is it worth the hype? In all honesty I wouldn't pay this again for the glosses as I wasn't that impressed. To then add on the shipping costs as well as import taxes this turns out to be one expensive gloss with mediocre results. I wouldn't wear the gloss on its own without the lip crayon so this isn't a product I would rush to go back to.

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