Sunday, 15 May 2016

Beauty | Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

So I finally got hold of the lip kits that have taken over the make up industry and are like liquid gold to try and get hold of.

I've stayed up late, finished work early, missed events just to get hold of these lipkits and I can finally say I managed to get hold of three of the different colours.

I bought the Candy K, Dolce K and Kourt K. Of course I picked two of the nude shades as we all know I'm a sucker for a nude lip!

The packaging is the same as the lip glosses as in my previous review see the post here. I do love the packaging, It has a good quality feel and are easy to spot among a sea of other lipsticks. Again the only down fall I have with the packaging is they don't have a suction lid to avoid you using too much product.

All of the lipkits include a liquid matte lip colour and a lip liner. The lip liners are insane! Quite literally the best I've ever used. They glide onto the lips without pulling and stay in place for a good six hours. I line my lips and then use the lip liner all over to get a good base colour before applying te matte lip colour.

The lip colour is matte so of course this is a drying formula on the lips. Having said this though I find it doesn't crack the lips as I expected and leaves the lips with a velvet like feeling. The lip colour does last for around six hours without reapplying and does stand the test of eating and drinking!

Candy K is the more pinky of the shades I purchased. These are all quite dark shades so they do have a brown undertone in them.

Dolce K has got to be my favourite as this does have a more purple, brown nude undertone which I've never tried before but I love it!

Kourt K is a deep plum colour and I think this looks amazing for that vamped up look especially for a night out this has been my go to colour.

(From left to right Candy K, Dolce K & Kourt K also please note this photo hasn't been edited in any way and was taken with no flash so you can see the accurate colour shades)

Overall I've been really impressed with the lip kits, I definitely recommend the lip kits over the glosses and I do think they are worth the money (do bare in mind the shipping costs and the import taxes though!)

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