Friday, 8 April 2016

The bag of dreams | Chanel

It's always been my number one life goals is to own a Chanel.

To me they are a classic staple in fashion that will never get old. They have become so iconic and beautiful that I believe they are the most perfect bags I could ever own.

I'd always loved the classic quilted chain bag but I wasn't fully sold on them. I guess they were a little bit more common and I was always looking for a classic but something a little different.

I then fell in love with the Le Boy and I knew it was the one. It was love at first sight and I never looked back.

Now I know this bag is pricey and lots of people will comment with that's just too much for a bag. But I do believe in spending extra money in order to have that better quality. I spend my money on designer bags and shoes (although Primark shoes have impressed me recently!) So I'm not afraid to wear high street with a designer bag I do think you have to mix things up sometimes.

The Le Boy is quite structured which to me was one of the selling points as I think it's much less likely to loose its shape over time.

You can wear across the body or as an over the shoulder bag. To me I prefer to wear it as a shoulder bag. I think it looks great with a big jumper and leather leggings (this is literally my staple wardrobe at the minute!) 

It has lots of room inside to carry all of the essentials but just the right size to avoid over filling with everything but the kitchen sink.

You'll be seeing much more of this bag in future posts so apologies now but I'm just in love with it!

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