Sunday 10 April 2016

Lifestyle | How I Stay Organised

So following on from my how I relax (see post here) I thought I'd write up a post on how I stay organised.

Now I must admit this is a hell of a test in itself. I balance two jobs at the same time as running my blog. Whilst I absolutely love my life and everyone has always known me to be a workaholic it can be stressful.

I try to remain as organised as possible and to do this I would be lost without my Louis Vuitton agenda. This goes everywhere with me and I feel lost without knowing it is there with me.

This helps me to keep organised on the move. I've always struggled to find a diary which is handbag size, but the slim design of this agenda means it slips into any of my bags perfectly. I understand this is a pricey diary but to me investment into a piece you will use every day for the rest of your life means that cost per use it's definitely worth it.

I have notebooks dotted all over my apartment. By the bath (I find the best place for inspiration to be in the bath!) next to my bed and one on my coffee table. Now whilst these are great practically if you are a blogger yourself you will understand the need for a Pintrest worthy home at all times. To do this notebooks have to be cute to look at!

I've found the most beautiful blogger savvy notebooks and you guys will love where they are from! Home and Bargains! They were 99p each and make amazing props as well as being so practical for those brain squiggles when ideas just come out of no where!

I scribble any idea down whether it's about a post, photograph, prop idea or even inspiration. I find this is really helpful when your mind goes blank when you actually sit in your office to write a post. It helps bring all those creative juices right back.

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