Friday 8 April 2016

Lifestyle | How I Relax

I think it's really important to spend time on yourself every now and again.


In the busy world we live in sometimes we can spend all of our time on the go we forget to make time for us. I know this myself as well as running a blog, a house I also hold down two jobs so for me time to relax is important.

Now there are many ways I like to relax. A long soak in a bath. A country walk or even reading a magazine. I've also found recently the joys of going back to my childhood and colouring. Now this may sounds odd to some but to many this has become one of the latest crazes.

I suffered with anxiety and depression last year and if anyone has ever suffered with this you will understand it's a hard thing to over come. It took me a year to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and the one thing that helped me see this light was to take some time away from the stresses of life and emerge myself into a world of care free imagination.
These colour books are the perfect escape and before you know it hours have passed and you have created a beautiful piece of art.

There is so many different books you can buy which all follow very different themes. I started off with the classic animal kingdom then added to my collection with the Harry Potter and also the Alice in Wonderland.

The designs are so intricate and delicate and when they are coloured in really do look beautiful. Colouring has by far become one of my biggest addictions!

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