Sunday 24 April 2016

So of course eyebrows are a big deal now. They frame your face and finish off a killer make up look.

I can't leave the house without fierce looking brows (even a day make up free includes brows!) 

This hasn't always been the case of course as I've always found it really difficult to find a product that I love using on my eyebrows. The pencils never seem dark enough, the powders look to powdery and gels too thick. I have naturally black hair and dark features so I often find it so difficult to find a product dark enough to match the colour of my eyebrows. I got shade ebony as I do have very dark brows but I was surprised how many shades they actually do have so it's definitely for every hair colour!

That was until I found Anastacia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. When I say I say this has changed the way my eyebrows look...I genruinly mean that. How I surrvived without it I'll never know.

The Dipbrow Pomade is a gel which is why I avoided using it for a long while. Like everyone else I use blogs and YouTube to find out the best products (I trust you guys!) and so many people were raving about it. One day I decided to take the plunge and try it. I can honestly say why didn't I try it sooner?

The consistency is amazing it glides on your brows without being cakey or sliding around like other gel products. Yet the staying power puts even the best powder products to shame.

I've been applying the gel with an angled eyeliner brush (the only downfall it doesn't actually come with a brush but we'll give them a break on that) 

Even though it's a gel it's so easy to create the ombre eyebrow look which has become such a statement.

A little goes a long way so although this is more expensive than most brow products out there I can see this little pot going a very long way!

I genruinly love this product and whenever I wear it, it doesn't even feel like it's there which I've never experienced with gel before.

Friday 15 April 2016

I went on the hunt for new brushes. To me it doesn't matter what make up you use if it's designer or high street you will never achieve the highest level of results without the best tools.

Tuesday 12 April 2016

So this is a little bit of a different post but I couldn't resist as I was far too excited not to share with you all.

Sunday 10 April 2016

So following on from my how I relax (see post here) I thought I'd write up a post on how I stay organised.

Now I must admit this is a hell of a test in itself. I balance two jobs at the same time as running my blog. Whilst I absolutely love my life and everyone has always known me to be a workaholic it can be stressful.

Friday 8 April 2016

It's always been my number one life goals is to own a Chanel.

To me they are a classic staple in fashion that will never get old. They have become so iconic and beautiful that I believe they are the most perfect bags I could ever own.

I'd always loved the classic quilted chain bag but I wasn't fully sold on them. I guess they were a little bit more common and I was always looking for a classic but something a little different.

I then fell in love with the Le Boy and I knew it was the one. It was love at first sight and I never looked back.

Now I know this bag is pricey and lots of people will comment with that's just too much for a bag. But I do believe in spending extra money in order to have that better quality. I spend my money on designer bags and shoes (although Primark shoes have impressed me recently!) So I'm not afraid to wear high street with a designer bag I do think you have to mix things up sometimes.

The Le Boy is quite structured which to me was one of the selling points as I think it's much less likely to loose its shape over time.

You can wear across the body or as an over the shoulder bag. To me I prefer to wear it as a shoulder bag. I think it looks great with a big jumper and leather leggings (this is literally my staple wardrobe at the minute!) 

It has lots of room inside to carry all of the essentials but just the right size to avoid over filling with everything but the kitchen sink.

You'll be seeing much more of this bag in future posts so apologies now but I'm just in love with it!
I think it's really important to spend time on yourself every now and again.


Tuesday 5 April 2016

Sorry I haven't posted in a little while, I've been very poorly but not to worry I'm back with lots of content planned for you all.

This Easter weekend I decided that I didn't want to just sit in stuffing my face with chocolate I wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful places in which the every day hustle and bustle keeps us away from.
I live very close to Chester and it's such a beautiful city and we have some amazing treasures in which we can explore one of which being the Duke of Westminister's estate. This is one place that I never ever imagined you could ever see. That is until I realised they open up the grounds of a bank holiday for charity. This to me was the perfect excuse to go and have a nosey and what better way to do it whilst also giving to charity.
I took all of my family and can honestly say we all had such a great day. We rode around the steam train and seen the deer that live within the estate. This was also the first time I'd ever seen deer wandering freely and it was such a beautiful experience.