Wednesday 24 February 2016

The perfect pout

With the influence of Kylie Jenner we all know how important a perfect pout is. I believe there are a few simple steps in order to achieve the perfect lips to finish off any face.


The most important way to perfect your pout it to start with the base. It's really important to remove any flaky skin and to keep your lips exfoliated. With this being said the lips are a sensitive area and so just any old exfoliator won't achieve the best results. After all we want to keep this area looking as young as possible for as long as we can.


The best lip scrub I have found is the Lush Bubblegum scrub. This is £5.50 for 25g but lasts a very long time as a little goes a long way. I'm a sucker for a sweet smell and this does smell just absolutely delicious. I find myself just wanting to lick this straight from my lips.
I tend to exfoliate my lips before wearing any bold lipsticks as I find the more pigmented the lipstick the more likely it is to dry my lips out and no body likes a cracked lip. By doing this every couple of days my lips are always smooth and feel silky soft making the lipstick application much easier. This also helps to hold the colour for much longer.



The next step goes without guessing, to hydrate with a good lip balm. I love this one from Mac and find it is so hydrating on my lips and leaves the lips feeling silky smooth.

I always line my lips and then fill them in all over with a pencil liner. I've found Primark colours to be the perfect bargain beauty buy and they are amazing. I must admit I was sceptical to try them as I didn't think they would last, but I have to say there has been no bleeding of the lipstick and helps to keep my lipstick in place all day.


I always finish with a bold lipstick such as Mac. This finishes off the bold lip look and adds colour to any make up look. My personal favourites are Russian Red and Lady Danger. I don't think you can go wrong with a red lip and adds an edge of class. Getting the perfect shade whether is be more of a peach red, a post-box red or a purple red means that no matter what age you can pull off a classic red.


And that's my personal guide to how to achieve the perfect pout.


  1. I love this post, some great tips. I'm yet to try one of Primarks lipliners but I've heard so many good things. I must remember to pick one up next time I'm in there x

    Danielle - Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

    1. Thanks Danielle, you'll love them! They are my favourite lip liners at the minute x