Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Lush haul

So you have to admit nothing beats a Sunday spent pampering yourself and my idea of the perfect Sunday bath of course involves my favourite brand Lush.

With the days still being so cold (come on Summer show your face already!) nothing beats a huge big bubble bath with sparkles, colours and amazing smells. I love how lush always provides such ethical products which smell amazing and work wonders on most skin types. The staff are always so helpful and offer the best advice of what will work best for my skin type.

I decided to go and treat myself on a few new bombs to try out and I must admit I am loving my Sundays even more.

The first one I picked up was the Unicorn Horn. This is a rainbow coloured one which of course has the magic of the unicorn and turns the bath a gorgeous pink colour.

The second was the trusty favourite the Ickle Baby Bot this is perfect for soothing and sending you to sleep which is why it is great for kids. It's so gentle on the skin and leaves you with skin as soft as a baby.

The next was Lady Bug which is part of their Mother's Day range but I couldn't resist such a pretty little bug.

Think Pink was of course added just because of the pure cuteness of the little flowers which are part of the bomb.

I also wanted to try something a little different so I picked up the Fizzbanger and the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon which are both sweet but more of a lemony and fresh smelling bath bombs they are equally as delicious but are more energising so great to kick start a busy Sunday morning.

I also picked up the Frozen bath bomb which turns the bath blue with lots of glitter. Definitely releases the inner Elsa!

I also had to pick up the staple bubblegum lip scrub which provides the best surface for any lipstick. It smooths out your lips and removes any dead skin without being too harsh on your lips. It also smells yummy enough to eat.

What's your favourite lush bath bomb and what do you recommend I try on my next stock up?

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  1. Nothing beats a bit of shopping in Lush, you just can't beat it. I love what you picked up. I really want to try the Unicorn one it looks so pretty. x

    p.s new follower x

    Danielle - Miss Sunshine & Sparkle