Thursday 7 January 2016

What I got for Christmas

Hello everyone!

I hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas! I just wanted to start by saying I know this is a very controversial post but I am not writing this way in anyway to show off what I received I know I'm very lucky and in no way was this written to cause offence I just myself love to read these blogs.

I've been absolutely spoilt with presents this year and realise I'm so lucky so let's get started...

Sweet treats and goodies never get old every year my nan gets us all selection boxes (you're never too old in her eyes) and this year she didn't fail. I also got a very special sweet selection from my sister with all of the 90s sweets inside being born in the 90s we were blessed with some amazing sweets!

A girl can never have too many bath treats and this year was no different. My family always buy lots of gorgeous smellies which we help keep us going for a few months. Normally every year I get the soap and glory sets but this year I wanted to try something a little different.

This year I saw the Ted Baker gift set from Boots and fell in love. The packaging is so beautiful and extremely girly. 

I love the rose gold detailing on the box and will definitely be using this box to store cosmetics in.

All of the products inside match the colour scheme of the box itself with two different scents so you never get bored. Ideal to switch up daily products for different moods. 

And who's Christmas would be complete with a lush gift box. Every year I've been dying to try the snow fairy products and this year I finally got my hands on the snow fairy castle full of glitter, pink and sparkly surprises.

I also received lots of pyjamas and socks to keep me going for the next year. My favourite were from my sister which was a unicorn onesie. 

I also purchased the matching slippers on the sale shortly after Christmas which help me keep cosy in this cold weather.

I also have the Yankee candle electric burner so every year I normally receive a Yankee candle but this year I received the wax pot for my burner. I got this in my favourite scent black cherry which makes me apartment smell delicious when it's burning.

My main present was a Bluetooth sound bar for my television. I'm really grateful I got this as it means I can now watch films at home and feel like I'm in the cinema.

I was also lucky enough to be spoilt with lots of Joseph and Joseph items for my kitchen. Anyone who knows me know I spend a lot of time pottering around the kitchen so these presents were so thoughtful. I received the utensil stand, locking knife block and the chopping boards.

I am so lucky to have receive such thoughtful presents and I can't thank my friends and family enough.

I'd love to hear what you all received and thanks for reading.


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