Monday 23 November 2015

So we all know contour has gone crazy thanks to the kardashians and I have pretty much tried every method from powders to creams and I have struggled to find my ideal method until now!


Okay so yes I admit I am in love with cotton candy it reminds me of a very happy childhood at the seaside with no cares in the world.

With that being said combine that with my favourite candle company yankee candle and what do you get? Love at first sniff!
Now this candle is for those with a sweet tooth as with any yankee they are real life fragrance and my god it smells like candy floss squashed into a jar of goodness!

This is a U.S. Fragrance so it's quite difficult to get hold.

Qvc stock them in a trio with two other fab U.S. smells which you may of not come across yet, but I found mine in a yankee candle outlet store so it's always worth having a little look around.

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Hope you enjoy and leave your favourite candles below for me to try!