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A good jewellery collection is essential for accessorising outfits and it makes a perfect gift but if you want to get good quality stuff, you’re going to have to spend a bit of money, especially if you’re buying diamonds. When you’re spending that much money on it, you need to make sure you’re getting the best jewellery possible. Online retailers have become more popular recently but a lot of people still say they don’t trust them and they’d rather go to a high street jeweller. Both have their pros and cons so if you’re trying to work out which is the best, this article should answer some of your questions. 

The Quality 

The quality is one of the most important things and the main people that people have with buying online is that you can’t be sure of that until you’ve paid for it and it arrives at your house. But if you go into a jewellery store, you can see it up close before deciding whether to buy it. The thing is, you aren’t a diamond expert so you’re always taking the seller’s word for it either way. When it comes to online shops, some are good and some are bad. James Allen is probably one of the best, there are cheaper places to buy jewellery but the quality won’t be anywhere near as good. Check out this review of James Allen to see what you can get: They’re a reliable online retailer but there are plenty out there that aren’t so always check reviews of the sites thoroughly before you buy anything, that’s the best way to get an idea of the quality. 


The expertise of the seller is one of the major benefits of buying in-store. When you get a piece online, all you’ve got to go on is the information on the website. If you’ve got more questions about the jewellery and how to look after it etc. you might be able to email them but you may not get a response. There is also a lot of confusing terms about the grading and quality of the diamonds that you might want explained. If you visit you can get a bit of an idea but it’s better to have it explained by a professional. If you go into a shop to get it, you can ask them right there and then. However, it’s worth mentioning that if you go into a big chain store like H Samuel, the people in there aren’t professional jewellers, they’re just salespeople who have limited knowledge of the jewellery. If the expertise of the seller is a big priority for you, you’ll want to go to independent jewellers where you can speak to an expert. 


A lot of decisions come down to the price, so which is cheaper, online or in-store? Well, there’s no definitive answer here because both online and in-store, there is a big range in pricing. As you’d expect, if you go cheap, you’ll get worse quality jewellery so it’s better to go for the mid-range places. If you’re buying in-store, the big chain shops are usually more expensive than an independent jeweller, who will be more willing to negotiate on the price a bit as well. 

Overall, it’s down to personal choice but if you’re concerned about the quality of the jewellery and speaking with an expert, it’s better to go in-store. 

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