Lifestyle | 2017 | A New Year

Hello and here goes for another year!

I love New Year it's a time to refresh, re-plan and re-organise. I think it's important to take time in January to plan and organise. We all get new calendars and new organisers. I like to plan ahead for the whole year by booking my holidays planning important events and making sure everything is organised.

We all know I'm a massive organise freak but this year I'm going to take that to the next level to ensure I stay up to date - one of those being working on a new blog schedule. Towards the end of the year my posts became a little few and far between so I want to make sure that doesn't happen again this year. How many times a week would you like to posts? What days do you all prefer sitting down to read blogs?

I don't really believe in resolutions I believe in setting healthy goals I think it's way more achievable to set goals rather than cut things out.

Here are my goals;

1. To grow my blog and be much more consistent with posting.
2. To be more positive.
3.To adopt a healthier lifestyle. (something I've massively enjoyed doing so lots of new healthy posts to come your way!)
4. To be even more motivated.

What are your goals?

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